The Rising Trend of Green Buildings in Kolkata

The latest development in the real estate industry in Kolkata has been the rise in the construction of ‘Green’ buildings. These buildings optimise energy efficiently, produce less waste, use water conservatively, preserve the environment and provide healthier living spaces for occupants.

There are many reasons for going ‘green’ in the real estate market, one being the reduction of energy usage within the premises. Green buildings often feature special windows and insulation in the walls which help to reduce overall energy consumption. Solar design is another feature incorporated by architects which provides shade to porches and windows during summer and enhances solar lighting and heating during the winter months. This is optimising the use of solar power in the building.

Constructing a green building does come at a higher cost compared to conventional buildings. Experts believe that this higher one-time cost is negated by savings provided in the operating and maintenance costs during the life cycle of the building.

Green buildings for a greener future

According to the IGBC (Indian Green Building Council), there are more than 260 green certified buildings in India with a majority of them being developed in Bengaluru, Chennai, Gurgaon and Pune. The number of green buildings in Kolkata are lower compared to the other cities but several real estate developers plan to construct more green buildings in the city and its outskirts.

These buildings would cater to both residential and commercial buyers. Studies have found that productivity levels of staff working in a green building/office is 12-15% higher when compared to the productivity of staff in conventional office buildings. The attrition rate for workers in a green office has been found to be 20-25% lower compared to conventional office spaces.

Residential projects attract buyers through a host of features, the most marketed feature is the open space in a green complex. These regions are landscaped with various plants and trees which provide residents with an area to relax in. Most complexes in the city feature 2 and 3 bedroom flats while some of the projects go the extra mile by providing the option of duplex flats, which are normally located on the top two floors of a building.

Facilities like jogging tracks, recreational clubs, swimming pools, parking spaces and community halls are provided in most residential complexes being built in Kolkata. Green buildings however have an added advantage of lower operation costs for the developers and lower energy bills for the residents.

The savings provided to residents and real estate developers coupled with the marketability of a project being termed as ‘Green’, is the way forward for the city of Kolkata. Currently the number of green buildings might be on the lower side, but this scenario is expected to change in the near future.

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Basic Urban Farming Tips

With very little space in your home, how can you grow your own produce or even manage a farm? This is actually quite possible! You should not allow limited space to hinder your goal of starting your own farm.

People living in urban areas think that farming can only be done in rural areas and countryside places. However, with a little effort as well as appropriate know-how, you will be able to start a farm even in your own house! This is called urban farming. This is a farm practice that lets you cultivate your own produce even if you live in the city. You can start with potted herbs as well as small vegetable batches. Here is how you can start farming in your small space.

  • Take time in visiting urban farms around you.

Visiting urban farms around Singapore will allow you to check out what possible herbs, plants, or vegetables you will be able to grow best in the small space that you have. Doing so will help you in learning some tips that you can possibly apply in your own farm.

  • Gather what you need.

After visiting farms around Singapore, you can start gathering the tools and materials that you need to start farming in your small space. You can begin by purchasing small pots for herbs that you can grow even in your own kitchen. You can also get wall rails that will help you build your indoor garden around your window. Metal baskets would also be quite helpful if you plan to plant various herbs. Ceramic pots are also good options. There are also what they call “germination kits” that you can purchase for cheap amounts. Of course, do not forget the seeds.

  • Start attending urban farming workshops.

You will also do well in attending farming workshops so you can be sure that you are making the most out of your small space. Such workshops will help you in terms of where and how you should begin as well as impart with you tips directly from farming professionals. Some workshops also include farm tours to inspire you and give you idea on what you can do with your small farm space.

These are just basic ideas on how you can get started with your own urban farm. Whether you have a small rooftop or some space in your kitchen, urban farming know-how can help you enjoy fresh produce for a cheaper price.